Fresh Donuts

We offer every donut you can find at the donut shop, including fancies, filled bars, jellies, twists, and cake style. We top with glazes, icings, sprinkles, nuts, sugars and more. Whether you’re a fritter lover, maple bar buff or old-fashioned purist, we’ve got the right donut to fit your fancy.

  • Cake-Style Ring Donuts: Chocolate/Peanut, Choc Iced, Maple Iced, Fruit Iced, Rainbow Sprinkle, Crumb, Plain, Old Fashioned, Chocolate, Maple Old Fashioned
  • Raised-Style Ring Donuts: Glazed, Sugar, Chocolate Glazed
  • Fancy Variety Ring Donuts: Crumb Glazed, Coconut Glazed
  • Filled Bars: Chocolate Bar, Maple Bar
  • Filled Jellies: Raspberry Glazed, Raspberry Chocolate, Lemon Glazed, Bavarian Chocolate, Bavarian Maple
  • Buttermilk Bars: Glazed, Chocolate Iced
  • Twists: Glazed, Chocolate Iced, Sugar
  • Donut Holes (24-pack): Glazed, Sugared, Powder Sugared
  • Persians & Fritters: Regular Size or Mini
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Buttermilk bar (chocolate & glazed)


Cake donuts (chocolate sprinkled, maple, plain, crumb, chocolate peanut)


Donut holes assorted


Fritters & persians (large and mini)


Jelly donuts (glaze raspberry, chocolate bavarian, maple bavarian)


Maple bar & chocolate bar


Old-fashioned donuts (chocolate, maple & glazed)


Raised ring donuts (glazed, sugar, choc, coconut and crumb)


Twist donuts (sugar, glazed, choc)

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